Welcome to my blog where I post my experiment with papers, inks, and block printing. I started this little business, AllynPaperworks, two years ago when I started selling hand-made note cards to local businesses. “What are you doing — they’ll just be thrown away!” says a well-meaning friend. All that work, all that consideration. “In the trash!” But I love that — they’re not so precious. They’re lovely and they’re ephemeral. I love to send cards to friends and family, and I love that they are pretty and unique. I smile when I am posting them, and I like to think that my recipients smile too. And maybe put the card on the fridge for a week or two before actually tossing it. Or, better yet, maybe the cards find a home in a little frame for a while!

Maybe I should have called my shop TrashArt.

I make other things too, all by hand. Little books with poems and illustrations in them; blank books that I fill with drawings and notes. Last year I started a series of small woodcuts that I hope to continue

Thanks for stopping by. I have a shop at Etsy and welcome you to take a look: Etsy/shop/AllynPaperworks.

One comment on “About
  1. julie harms says:

    I think what you do is lovely!

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