We’ve had a lot of snow lately. I hate it when the pile I’m adding to is higher than I can reach with my shovel.

clearing snow

Here’s a picture from my calender, shoveling the car out of the driveway.

But then there is that rather magical other-worldly feeling when the snow is swirling around. It does look beautiful and strange.

barn in winter 2

The barn in the back yard, taken from the kitchen window.

Finally, for the wide world to see, a small winter miracle. Our hibiscus bush, brought in for the winter and keeping my piano company, is blooming. Need I say more?

hibiscus in snowstorm

This is our hibiscus bush, superbly indifferent to the raging snowstorm outside.

Stay warm and safe, friends!

Welcome to my blog where I write about the art and craft of my business.My goal is to make beautiful things, to make art part of everyday life, and to make my friends and family smile. Not necessarily in that order.

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