Giving and thanking

My mother died three weeks ago. Watching her fail was shattering; yet with the final breath there also came — I admit it, am I wrong to do so? — a sense of relief. So this is what it is, thought I. You’re here, and then you’re gone.

My brother came for the final ten days. He had been estranged from both my parents for all of his adult life. For good reasons, I know because I was there. He missed my father’s death altogether. But he was here for Mom’s. And this is what I am thankful for this year: he worked and he worked to find some common location where he could meet Mom in peace. I think he succeeded. He’s lighter now. As he said at her grave site, “I wish it hadn’t taken so long, but I learned that you can live a life angry, or you can choose love.”

hearts 19

This is from my battered heart series. I make them with gold and red inks.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Spread the love thickly. We’re only here once.

Welcome to my blog where I write about the art and craft of my business.My goal is to make beautiful things, to make art part of everyday life, and to make my friends and family smile. Not necessarily in that order.

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4 comments on “Giving and thanking
  1. papict says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss and wish you and your family gentle days ahead. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks so much. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. Marky (Muff) says:

    Nan, Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Birthday to you old friend! I’m so sorry to read about the loss of your dear mother. Wishing you peaceful moments with happy memories. I have so enjoyed reading your interesting, clever and informational blog and seeing your beautiful work!! It’s a treat to be ‘back in touch’ this way at least!

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