Nocturne in D flat major, opus 27 no. 2

Chopin and I have been having a little discussion these past few months. He tells me what to do and I tell him that I am trying very hard, but what he writes is beyond my grasp. Sometimes I address him rather sharply. Some days I just close up the piano and do something else.

I know I’ll never play this nocturne like Daniel Barenboim, but I think I ought to be able to play it through. It’s a question of having enough force of will to push through the difficulties, keep at it, until the fingers are doing what they ought to be doing. So there I was, last week, pushing through measure by tortured measure, not having too much fun but making a tiny amount of progress. When all of a sudden I happened upon this most magical passage, breathtakingly beautiful at the end of the fourth page. I played it through, and then I played it again. And I thought to myself, ah, Mr. Chopin, you sly silver-tongued creature — you had this in store for me all that time, and didn’t let me know!

And so it is a metaphor for my life right now, in the midst of hardship and illness and grief, there comes a moment of beauty.

gold trees 6

Trees in golden forest. Four-color block print. AllynPaperworks link: http://www.etsy/shop/allynpaperworks

Welcome to my blog where I write about the art and craft of my business.My goal is to make beautiful things, to make art part of everyday life, and to make my friends and family smile. Not necessarily in that order.

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