Ancient twin figure sculpture from Malta

Last year, Heritage Malta sent a fascinating collection of ancient artifacts to New York, for an exhibition entitled “Temple and Tomb; Maltese Prehistoric Wonders in New York.” There was a vibrant and energetic culture on that small island, five — six thousand years ago — that fashioned temple/burial places deep under ground in temples carved out of bedrock. In addition to human bones, archaeologists have found carved figures, jewelry, and decorated stones.

They sparked my fancy, I think because despite their antiquity, they are so vibrant and life-like even today. Here is a picture of a small sculpture found in the temple complex of Tarxian, which I saw in New York and translated into a little block print of my own.


Ancient Xaghra twin figure sculpture from Gozo, Malta. Heritage Malta.


ImageHere she is, viewed from the side and printed onto a card.

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