Sleeping Goddess

She’s curvaceous and gorgeous; she’s been asleep for 5,000 years.



Sleeping Goddess of Malta, discovered Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, and now resting comfortably at the National Museum of Archaeoloty in Malta (photo from

We don’t know exactly who she was; some say a goddess of death because she was found in a tomb that also had the remains of 7,000 humans in it. The tomb was carved out of rock underground — imagine you are standing on a huge piece of bedrock, and you tunnel down into the rock, carving away all the places you want to be rooms. Let’s say that you and your fellow laborers made this temple and then, of course, you died. And then 4,900 years passed until one day in 1902 a farmer bumbled over some rocks, the rocks came loose, and he found himself staring down into the silent ancient space.


Here she is, printed onto a card.



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